DISCOUNT! 40% discount on PCR analysis of genes linked to lactose intolerance!

Intolerancija na laktozu

DISCOUNT! 40% discount on PCR analysis of genes linked to lactose intolerance!

Until the end of December, a great promotion, 40% discount! We offer an analysis of genes linked to lactose intolerance.

Lactose is the milk sugar that makes up 99% of the carbohydrates in milk and all dairy products. Lactose intolerance is hereditary and develops due to the lactase enzyme deficiency in the body. It plays a role in the process of digestion and breakdown of lactose.

As a result of intolerance, there is an excess of undigested lactose in the digestive tract. This leads to abdominal pain, diarrhea, mucus in the stool, gas and bloating. The severity of the expressed symptoms is individual and depends on the degree of lactase enzyme deficiency in the body.

In the CITILAB laboratory, the detection of a genetic variant associated with hereditary lactose intolerance includes a genetic variant in the MCM6 gene: -13910 T> C. The reduced expression of this gene, caused by the mentioned polymorphism, indicates an increased risk for lactase deficiency and lactose intolerance, but it can also indicate the level serum calcium and its functional uptake.

Indications for genetic testing: examination of infants for hereditary lactose intolerance, differential diagnosis in children over one year of age and in adults with other gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, abdominal pain, flatulence, gas…).

Lactose intolerance causes numerous clinical issues and this type of testing can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life, as the complaints can be significantly reduced by adequately correcting the diet. On the other hand, if the aforementioned analysis does not establish the existence of a genetic predisposition for lactose intolerance, it may indicate the existence of some other diagnosis, such as celiac disease.

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40% discount

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