Androflor – std test

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Androflor – std test

Androflor detects microorganisms that are difficult or impossible to identify using bacteriological culture tests.

The main cause of inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract in men (urethritis, prostatitis, etc.) are infections, often opportunistic.

Analysis of the microflora of the urogenital tract in men plays an important role in assessing the state of reproductive function.

In order to achieve the most accurate and fastest results, a completely new test is used – Androflor.

It is based on the real-time PCR method.

When is Androflor needed?

When symptoms of inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract appear.

– In preparation for hospitalization and surgical interventions.

– In preparation for IVF and ICSI.

– In the absence of effective treatment of urological diseases.

– For efficient prescribing and monitoring of treatment.

Taking material for quantitative analysis of the microflora of the urogenital system in men is done to identify the cause of inflammatory processes in prostatitis, urethritis, epididymitis, monitoring the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory treatment and male infertility.

A sample is taken from potential sites of infection.

For the etiological diagnosis of urethritis, monitoring the therapy of these diseases, the recommended types of biological material are:

– Urethral swab.

– Urine (the first morning urine is used only to identify pathogens).

For the etiological diagnosis of prostatitis, male infertility, with the pathological results of the sperm count and monitoring of therapy for these diseases, the recommended types of biological material are:

– Prostate secretion.

– Ejaculate.

– Urethral swab.

How to choose Androflor test?

The Androflor test is prescribed by the doctor depending on the symptoms that have appeared and the localization of the inflammatory process.

– Androflor screen – prostate secretion.

– Androflor secretion – prostate

Androflor screen – ejaculate

– Androflor – ejaculate

– Androflor screen – urethral swab

– Androflor – swab of the urethra

How is the examination conducted?


Sperm, prostate secretion, urethral swab.

Methods of taking biomaterials.

In the Citilab laboratory or with your doctor.

Objective of the examination

Assessment of the biocenosis of men’s urogenital tract.

Preparation for examination

In order to get an accurate result, the following is not allowed before the test:

– Use medicines (antibiotics, antiseptics, pro and eubiotics).

– It is necessary to refrain from sexual relations.

Preparation for giving a sample

Giving ejaculate as a sample is done after 3-5 days of sexual abstinence. It is not recommended to take alcohol and drugs, as well as massage the seminal vesicles and prostate. The method of obtaining a sample is masturbation. It is forbidden to use a condom for sample collection and interrupted intercourse. It is necessary that two weeks pass after the last use of drugs (antibiotics, probiotics, eubiotics), before giving the sample.

The swab should be taken no earlier than 2 hours after urination, before taking antibacterial and antiviral drugs. Abstain from sexual relations for 24-48 hours.

A sample of prostate secretion is taken by a doctor. Before taking the sample, two weeks must pass since the last use of drugs (antibiotics, probiotics, eubiotics). Refrain from sexual intercourse 3 days before the analysis. Do not collect a sample if there is copious purulent discharge from the urethra. Sampling of the material is done no earlier than 2 hours after urination.

Analysis description

Assessment of the microflora of the urogenital tract in men plays an important role in the diagnosis of reproductive function.

The Androflor analysis aims to determine the etiology of infectious and inflammatory processes in the male urogenital tract, which is based on the real-time PCR method.

The Androflor complex is intended for the diagnosis and monitoring of the effectiveness of treatment of any infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system in men, detection of DNA of pathogenic microorganisms, quantitative assessment of Candida fungi, urogenital biocenosis, detection of a wide range of opportunistic microflora for the purpose of etiological diagnosis.

The analysis includes:

Total bacterial mass

Lactobacillus spp.

Staphilococcus spp.

Streptococcus spp.

Corinebacterium spp.

Gardnerella vaginalis

Atopobium cluster

Megasphaera spp. + Veilonella spp. + Dialister spp. / Sneathia spp. + Leptotrihia spp. + Fusobacterium spp.

Ureaplasma urealyticum

Ureaplasma parvum

Mycoplasma hominis

Bacteroides spp. + Porphiromonas spp. + Prevotella spp.

Anaerococcus spp.

Peptostreptococcus spp. + Parvimonas spp., Eubacterium spp. Pseudomonas aeruginosa + Ralstonia spp. + Burkholderia spp. Heamophilus spp

Enterobacteriaceae spp. + Enterococcus spp.

Candida spp.

Mycoplasma genitalium

Trichomonas vaginalis

Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Chlamydia trachomatis


To interpret the test results, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The individual response form and the primary interpretation of the results are automatically performed in the laboratory.

The Androflor test is the most complete test for men on our market!

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